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Help Us Help Family's In Need

We have been running our Computer Recycling Center in Vancouver Washington since 2004, refurbishing computers and laptops so that students in both Portland and Vancouver can receive a free computer system through the CrossBytes Computer Nomination Program. We want to help to further their education and make their futures unlimited. With our world moving more towards technology in our schools, the less fortunate children and families are the ones who end up suffering. We need your help to level the playing field by donating to our Computer Recycling Center. When you donate you will be helping all of us to be environmentally conscience.

For more information about how we destroy your personal data and other common questions that we have had please go to our FAQs page.

If your are Interested in how you can follow the downstream evolution of the equipment that we recycle at out computer recycling center, please go to our FAQs page.

If there is something that you would like to know or if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to go to our contacts page.

Free Computers systems are available to students in need. Contact your school administrators to find out if your school is part of the CrossBytes Nomination Program to begin the application process.

If you are interested on events that we will be doing or attending or just want to know when the next Linux Fest or convention will be in our area please head over to our events page.

If you would like us to pick up equipment, or have any questions about the CrossBytes Computer Nomination Program please go to our contact us page.

Directions To CrossBytes

CrossBytes Computer Recycling Center

1515 SE Blairmont Dr.

Vancouver, WA., 98683


Hours : Tue - Fri 9-4 and Saturday 10-6