Fedora On The OLPC At LFNW 2010

Post date: Apr 18, 2010 9:45:36 PM

While we were trying to find a few good activities to show off the collaborative capabilities of the OLPC, we found out that the wifi connection was no longer working on it. So we decided to go ahead and use our developer key and try out some of the newer OS versions for the OLPC.

We now have Sugar 0.84.14 and build version 13 running on it. Some things that we found out about this version is that it is running Fedora in a switchable desktop from Sugar to Fedora we have taken some pictures..

We are going to be working on learning Python specifically Python 3 since it is now going to be included in Fedora 13 forward. and trying to see if we can get Sugar 0.88 running on the OLPC. We will have the OLPC showing off Fedora running on

it and the images available at the booth for people to try out flashing OLPC's if they wish to try out this version on there OLPC. To do this you will need a developer key this you can get from this link. http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activation_and_Developer_Keys

We hope to see many new faces at Linux Fest North West Saturday and Sunday the 24th and 25th of April in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

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