LinuxFest 2010 Wrap Up From The Fedora Project Booth

Post date: Apr 28, 2010 3:25:5 AM

First, my apologies to Iain Davidson, I was writing my blog and talking to a young man who was visiting the booth and morphed the two of you together in the blog. We have a great time at LinuxFest this year. The crowd was terrific and there were several repeat visitors from last year. There were lots of kids stopping by and exercising the OPLC's. It was wonderful watching their faces as they discovered something new and especially when they finished a maze in the maze game. Had a wonderful young lady come by on Sunday that was looking for assistance with learning more about Python. Jeff showed her several avenues to take and expounded on the benefits of Python. She has a bachelor's degeree in English Literature and wants to learn Python to create a program to break down sentence structure. It was great visiting with her and sharing in her excitement about her new adventure. This year LinuxFest set up a Game Room/Tutorial Room for the visitors to use. Each distro was highlighted in the room and Fedora was a popular selection this year.

Over the two day event we handed out a little over 360 pieces of media, there was 700+ people on Saturday and 350+ on Sunday. I had the chance to attend Jesse Keating's session it was very informatve. His talk went from Python3 running in parral to the abilty to work on installing the sytem with BTRFS. We even touched on some advancents of Anaconda from some of the Q&A.

We had two OLPC's running SUGAR desktop, one OLPC running a switchable development remix running Fedora 12 / Sugar on the desktop, one laptop running Fedora 12 and one laptop running Fedora 13 Beta. All media, XO's, and laptops looked great on the black tableskirt.

It was exciting to have so many young people at the booth this year. They are full of questions and great ideas. Sad to see it all end, we made several new friends. Looking forward to next year, hopefully the young lady exploring Python will come by and update us on her progress. Our thanks to the wonderful folks at LinuxFest who made this year a smooth sucess.

Pictures from LinuxFest Northwest 2010 and more information to follow.

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