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Post date: Feb 24, 2010 5:37:25 AM

Puting Out Another Fedora 12 System

Today we put out another computer system for the Share Homestead in Vancouver Wa. The thing that I noticed today was that they have their systems running on Ubuntu. It is a shame that they seemed to have failed to follow up and make sure their systems were still up and running..I think that received their systems from Free Geek when they were located in Vancouver also. So it seems that we have taken over here in Vancouver where Free Geek has left off. We must thank them though in setting up the ground work. Now we just need to work together with getting more systems out with Fedora. We have been catalgong all of the Model numbers and serial numbers so that we can say look up SN: 4474QKVDU9DU and it will tell us where that computer is, such as in our stock, recycled or out to a new client loaded with Fedora. Our next step is to make all of this as open to the public as possible without compromising privacy issues.