Our Top 10 Reasons To Use Fedora

Post date: Mar 20, 2010 6:27:2 AM

1) Fedora offers the freedom of changing, replacing, modifying each component in the system;

without the concern of the system stability being affected.

2) Fedora has High quality support in the form of User forums, IRCs, Wikis and Official guides.

3) Fedora can be carried on CD or a jumpdrive to use Live on any computer.

4) Fedora provides a set of graphical tools for building a customized, updated Fedora "Spin".

5) Years of real-world experience and economic theory clearly show that monopolies tend to

corrupt the political system and have little incentive to innovation. Using Fedora helps to

encourage a healthy competition throughout the software industry. This competition can

help to promote technological advances, improve performance for all software open source

and proprietary alike.

6) Since the source code is very efficient and compact, Fedora reduces the need to upgrade

or replace hardware when upgrading to a newer release, this allows it to work on older

computers that are not suitable for the newer versions of proprietary software.

7) A backdoor is a hidden method for gaining access to a computer. There is a concern by

many corporations that back doors have been covertly inserted into proprietary software

that could allow the software developer and agencies of other governments to snoop into

their most confidential data. With all of the source code of Fedora being available for

inspection, there is little reason to fear the existence of backdoors.

8) Antitrust refers to government policy to regulate or break up monopolies in order to promote

free competition and attain the benefits that such competition can provide to the economy

and to society as a whole. Fedora has never been convicted in a Federal court of violation

of U.S. antitrust laws or other crimes, nor has it had to pay penalties for the unauthorized

copying of technology developed by other companies.

9) Since there are no secrets (being open source), Fedora provides students the opportunity

to study how computers really work rather than to just learn how to use them. We at

CrossBytes are convinced that it is far more important for students to study computer

science fundamentals than to learn specific applications, especially the proprietary ones.

We feel that applications that do not conform to industry-wide standards will be constantly

changing and those currently in use will likely become obsolete in a few years, but computer

science fundamentals will still be valid many years from now.

10) Last but not least...Fedora is FREE..