Why we Use Fedora and not Microsoft

Post date: Feb 23, 2010 4:59:18 AM

The Greenest Operating System

At Crossbytes we are trying to be as green as possible in our computer recycling center and we also pass that on to all parts of our processes. We use Fedora (which forms the basis for the operating system Red Hat Enterprise) because it has shown in testing to be the greenest. Red Hat has proven to beat Windows Server 2008 in 13 out of 16 power consumption tests. These tests included a non active test without power savings applied (Red Hat won 3 out of 4); a non active test with power savings applied (Red Hat won 4 out of 4); Active test without power saving applied (Red Hat won 3 out of 4); and Active test with power savings applied (Red Hat won 3 out of 4).

In the older desktops and laptops we use Less energy-demanding desktops such as LXDE, XFCE4, and Enlightenment because it uses far less CPU (hence far less energy) than GNOME or KDE. By Using these desktops they will use fewer CPU cycles, so they could, theoretically, extend the life of the computer. We are also trying out the new Moblin 2.0 desktop that is now available in Fedora 12 and be trying out the new Moblin 2.2 which will be available in Fedora 13.

In the long run, computer recycling centers like ours may not have a big impact on the spread of Fedora but we feel like we will have been a great help to many family's in need and at least we will have done a small part in helping out on the environmental impact of the toxins from these e-waste from these computers by keeping them out of landfill.

So, it turns out, Fedora is not only a free operating system, but the greenest operating system.