Windows XPocalypse: Reach beyond your comfort zone

Post date: Apr 08, 2014 6:5:43 PM

Once again Microsoft announces the end of XP. The end result is once again purchasing upgrade software or the dreaded new computer with a larger processor to handle the mass that Windows has become. Do you remember the day when you could use a computer for more than 2 years and your software updates didn't require days and $$$...

The questions abound, do we buy new; do we upgrade; what do we do with our old machine; are there other options out there??? The decisions are yours, the investment is yours and the answers are out there for you to decipher.

Take the time to discover your options. There are other operating systems to choose from that will offer you variety and flexibility that you deserve. Check them out... Reach beyond your comfort zone - you could be pleasantly surprised. Try Fedora for a surprising twist on personalizing your processing needs. The flexibility in the programs allows you to tailor your OS to fit you to a T. Your OS designed specifically for your current computer no computer upgrades needed. There are live versions available of these operating systems that allow you to run them on your current computer without putting anything on your hard drive. Do you want to see your options just outside your comfort zone. Let CrossBytes bring new options into your comfort zone and open your horizon up with all of the possibilities that are out there.